Gain access to products beneficial for a bankruptcy case

Credit Reports

Credit Reports are a critical tool attorneys use to prepare bankruptcy cases. With data provided by the national credit bureaus along with public records information these reports identify debts owed. It is essential to get a complete picture of debts owed as only those included in the case will be discharged upon completion.

Credit Counseling Courses

Required under the Federal Bankruptcy Code, if you are filing for bankruptcy you must complete a certified credit counseling course. Upon completion of the course, a certificate is delivered, which is filed by the attorney with the bankruptcy petition.

Debtor Education Courses

After a bankruptcy has been filed, a second course is required before a bankruptcy can be discharged. The debtor education course covers financial management after bankruptcy. This is a pre-requisite for receiving a discharge of debts. A certificate of completion will be issued that the attorney files with the court.

Automobile Valuations

If there is uncertainty of the value of an automobile owned, an attorney will request an automobile valuation. It is used to substantiate the value and protect your equity in the vehicle from the trustee and creditors.

Property Valuations & Title Information

It is important to have an accurate valuation of property as it helps identify the steps necessary to help protect the home from the trustee and creditors. There are a variety of products used in a bankruptcy case that establish current market value and ownership of properties.

Tax Transcripts

The trustee in a bankruptcy case will often require tax transcripts. These documents are obtained directly from the IRS and satisfy the requirement of disclosing income for years prior to filing bankruptcy.