How to Lower Your Cable, Phone, and Internet Bills

How to Lower Your Cable, Phone, and Internet Bills

As the world becomes more globally connected, the cost of cable, phone, and internet bills is soaring. Below are a few tips on how you can save money and lower your bills.

Cancel Premium Cable

Cable is nice, but can you really watch 150 channels in this lifetime? Save yourself up to $100 per month by canceling any premium cable channels you don’t actually watch.

Mod Your Landline

For those of us who still have a landline, the costs may slowly eat away at any budget we have. That’s why you should get rid of unnecessary bells and whistles on your landline such as call waiting and caller ID.  If people get a busy signal, they can always email you or text you on your mobile. Just cutting these two features can save you $12 – $20 per month on your phone bill.

Cut Your Landline

If you don’t find yourself calling (or receiving calls) on your landline, it may be time to cut the cord. The cost of a landline is hundreds of dollars a year. Getting rid of it can save you money and help boost your savings account.

Use Skype

Making international calls is still costly. Many service providers offer an international calling feature for an extra $10 to $20 per month. But depending on how often you call internationally, it may be a better option to use Skype. Simply pay a low annual fee, purchase a good quality headset, and make international calls for that annual fee.

Bundle Up

Many service providers offer bundled services where your phone, mobile, internet, and cable come from one provider. Signing up for bundled services can potentially save you 20 – 30% on your bills each year.  Just be careful that you pay your bill—failure to pay on time could mean all of your services get cut off.


Many service providers are open to lowering your monthly bill if they think you’re going to go to the competition.  Simply call up your service provider and ask for a cheaper rate. This is most effective when you’re a long time customer with an excellent payment history.